Feeling exhausted,
stressed, or burned out?

You are not alone and the Dugri app is for you.

Why Dugri Works:

Dugri offers a safe and anonymous peer support network.

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Tailored communities with shared experiences

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A proven framework for constructive conversation

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No ads, selfies, or other mental health hazards

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24/7 access- any time, anywhere

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No judgment, no stigma, no paid professionals

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Real peers, supporting each other at eye-level

The Dugri Protocol

The app facilitates conversations by offering a structured sequence of questions that help to make sense of overwhelming feelings.

The story moves from facts, to emotions, to coping. Ultimately, users feel better by finding opportunities for meaning and positive change.

Emotional Storytelling
facilitates “Real Talk”




What happened?
What’s happening now?



The Now

How do you feel?
What troubles you the most?



The Future

What is the takeaway?
Is there an opportunity?

Extensively Field-Tested

The unique, foundational methodology behind the Dugri App takes 20 years of resiliency training among 100,000 professionals and delivers that same proven protocol in digital form.

Extensive Use

Used by Special Forces, FEMA, medical teams, first responders, and ordinary civilians all over the world, in diverse cultures and languages, during and after a range of disasters.

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Battle Tested

Initially developed and deployed by the Israeli Navy SEAL special force unit, the Dugri Protocol destigmatizes emotional, real talk in high-performance cultures showing measurable operational improvement.

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