Hospitals are safe zones. This is a fundamental truth we rely on. And yet the images out of Ukraine – unavoidable images that saturate social media and the news – seem to undercut this sacred bedrock.

Recently, a NICU nurse found herself triggered by images in the news. In an article she came across online, newborns from the neonatal units of a children’s hospital were being moved to a bomb shelter in Eastern Ukraine. This is anathema to the mission we all signed up for: to heal others, to do no harm, to provide safety. That’s just one example. There are endless others.

As the winds of war engulf Europe, with raw footage of the devastation all over social media and the outlets, we are also starting to see members in our veterans’ community emotionally triggered.

Under the same logic that has ignited our joint action in forming Total Resilience for Veterans (TRFV) after the Afghanistan withdrawal, we at Dugri feel a great sense of urgency in meeting the huge need of the veterans’ population.   

Over the last few weeks, we have seen Dugri vets community members who are dealing with great burdens find support and feel better in the safe space provided by Dugri. Some who were on a dark path have found solace in sharing their truth with a compassionate ally. As a veteran, I know firsthand that distant memories can become a present, intrusive, and destabilizing re-experience of the battlefield.

We know that healthcare workers have a deep desire to help. But, there’s immense uncertainty around how best to do that. Feeling uneasy with a global pandemic for so long and now worrying about a new global tragedy has many of us on edge.

This feeling, after two years of pandemic and now another global crisis, is so beyond “triggered” or “burnout.” The term “moral injury” seems more apt. 

According to Psychology Today, “Moral injury is the social, psychological, and spiritual harm that arises from a betrayal of one’s core values, such as justice, fairness, and loyalty.”

This is the very reason we founded the Dugri app. Because no one should have to feel alone in this. Dugri is here for you – anytime, anywhere.

You are not alone. We see you. We hear you. We are here for you as we navigate this time of moral injury together.