Record costs, record burnout and exhaustion among Health Care and Frontline Workers

  • icon dugri whiteof healthcare workers reported feelings of exhaustion and burnout'
  • icon dugri whitehigher incidence of depression and suicide in FRs compared to civilians

At least 1 in 5 healthcare workers have left
their jobs since start of pandemic?

Nurses cited burnout and high-stress work
environments as the number one reason
for leaving their jobs

$500K-1 Million to replace a MD5

$30-50K to replace a RN6

$137 Billion for nurse attrition7

$4.6 Billion spent annually due to physician burnout8

$20 Billion spent on medical mistakes, estimated to result in 100K deaths annually9

A Proven, Scalable, ROI-Positive Engine of Mission Excellence 

  • icon dugri whiteHypothetical Scenario: Dugri is deployed to a hospital with a nurse population of 600. The hospital will spend $36,000 to implement Dugri.

Dugri enables the hospital to avoid the untimely departure of three nurses, meaning Dugri SAVED the hospital more than $80k in direct costs!

Dugri’s brand promise to clients is that the cost of implementation for hospital clients will not exceed the cost to replace one doctor. Indeed, the cost of replacing one doctor OR two nurses is far more than the cost of implementing Dugri.

By supporting employees’ emotional wellness 24/7 with the Dugri app, enterprise-wide productivity is enhanced and both routine costs and event-driven costs are avoided, for just $60 per user, per year.

Avoid the cost of low productivity, absenteeism, decreased quality of care, increased malpractice filings, and financial destabilization with Dugri.


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Dugri User Impact & Testimonials

90%Reported decreased levels of stress

95%Felt more supported

97%Satisfied by the privacy & anonymity

81%Reported a positive effect after a Dugri 1:1 use session

“So helpful to be able to normalize some of my “crazy thoughts” …  You have to have been there to understand.”

“Grateful for the reminder that I won’t stay stuck in this feeling forever.  

There’s hope!” 

“It’s refreshing to feel heard by someone who gets it and is there to support – with no agenda or opinions.”

“This conversation helped me feel validated and recentered after my confidence took a hit.”

Peer Support At Scale

Maintining Mission Excellence in Challenging Times