Why Dugri Now?

Increase retention and lower costs while helping employees feel better.

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Who We Are

A confidential, non-judgemental community of peers, here to give and receive support.

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What We Do

Dugri is the mobile app version of a proprietary protocol that has been deployed to hundreds of thousands of frontline workers in the most critical situations around the world, decreasing unexplained sick days by a whopping 40%.

What We Aren’t

  • No paid therapists, just peers helping each other
  • No ads
  • No selfies, anonymity always!
  • No haters or trolls
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A safe and anonymous peer support network

Dugri offers care for our caregivers through a safe and anonymous peer support network.

Traditional methods of support fall short due to:

  • Stigma
  • Fear of “letting guard down”
  • Limited access & high cost
  • Shortage of mental health providers
  • Overwhelmed systems
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The Dugri difference:

  • Peer-Based & Judgement free
  • Tailored to our community
  • Private and confidential
  • Simple & Accessible
  • Based on a proven protocol

Dugri offers 24/7 access to empathetic peers with multiple ways to connect:


Gather: Community

Timely content tailored
to—and supplied by— your peer


Exchange: Text and Voice Messaging

Safe-space, private,
1:1, guided dialogue.


Live: Real-time audio

Real-time audio chat
between two peers
guided by the Dugri protocol.

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