• Frequently Asked Questions

What does Dugri mean?

Adapted from Turkish into Arabic, then into modern Hebrew slang, dugri is defined as “straightforward”—speaking freely, saying what is on one’s mind. To speak dugri is to tell it like it is.

Who is Dugri for?

Everyone. Our natural tendency to connect by being there for one another using “real talk” becomes a force multiplier. Join an existing community or start a new one for your teams.

Is Dugri a replacement for therapy?

Absolutely not. Dugri cannot substitute for professional therapy but can be used as an adjunct to therapy or an element of peer support and self-care. Those in crisis or in need of immediate medical help should call or text the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline at 988 and then press 1. 

Is Dugri users’ data safe and secure?

Data safety and privacy are paramount to Dugri.

  • Dugri collects only email addresses and other non-identifiable demographic data the user voluntarily provides as part of the registration/profile completion process. The only personal identifying information that we hold is our users’ email addresses, which are separated and de-identified from content.
  • Dugri has contracted with two leading cyber security providers, Konfidas and Defendify (2022 Global Cybersecurity Excellence Award Winner), who together deploy a number of tools to ensure minimal risk of a security breach to Dugri.

What is Dugri all about?

Dugri’s mission is to improve emotional well-being, anytime anywhere, by connecting people in a safe environment.

Who is the team behind Dugri?

Our team is made up of psychologists, physicians, nurses, trauma experts, and technologists. Through decades of fieldwork with elite Special Forces, medical teams, first responders, athletes, and civilians all over the world, we have developed a system for discharging stress, enhancing wellness, and improving resilience and mission excellence. We have done this in person during and after catastrophic disasters including 9/11, the Boston Marathon bombings, the Parkland school shooting, major terrorist bombings in the EU and Middle East, and natural disasters.

What is the Dugri Protocol and where has it been used?

Harnessing Stress to Excellence (HASTE) is the resilience model at the foundation of Dugri. In keeping with our core mission, it focuses on promoting personal wellness and better professional functioning. Developed over decades of working with military special forces, emergency medical and surgical teams, corporate leadership, and first responders, HASTE has been successfully implemented around the world to help the strongest in their most difficult and demoralizing times. Beneficiaries include the Israeli Navy SEALS, FEMA, and its NJ Urban Area Security Initiative.

Could Dugri become a place for disgruntled employees to organize or air grievances about our organization?

Dugri is a safe and supportive community for employers and employees alike. 
All participants on Dugri must accept our Community Guidelines in order to engage in the app.  The guidelines include a commitment to:

  • Participate respectfully and supportively.
  • Protect one’s own anonymity and those of their colleagues, employers, patients and institutions. No personal or employer identifying information or images are allowed.
  • Refrain from any attempts at organizing, advertising, promotion, or spam.

What happens if someone on the Dugri App is in crisis?

Dugri is a wellness app that lowers stress and contributes to professional performance. It is not meant for emotional crisis situations and that message is communicated repeatedly throughout the app. 

However, if at any time during a 1:1 conversation one Dugri ally is worried about the other, due to suicidal contents or extreme emotional state, he/she can activate a proprietary life preserver ring feature developed by a clinical psychologist, which avails the appropriate resources to the person in crisis, ends the session and supports the caring ally. 

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