– Dugri Protocol Helps Frontline Workers Stay Strong, Perform Well Throughout Crises by Connecting With Others “In The Trenches” Facilitating Mutually Supportive Real-Talk Dialogue –

– Globally Battle-Tested and Proven Effective by Military Special Forces and More Than 100,000 First Responders, Healthcare Professionals, and Civilians –

Westport, CT, USA & Alon Hagalil, Israel – January 14, 2021 – Dugri™, Inc. today announced the availability of their mobile app which provides access to a safe and facilitated peer support network to help promote beneficial mental health for frontline healthcare workers and first responders. Through its founders’ decades of field work with elite Special Forces, medical teams, first responders, elite athletes, and civilians all globally, the company has decoded the path to discharge stress, enhance wellness, and improve resilience and mission excellence. The Dugri App promotes honest, ‘real-talk’ that connects and energizes frontline professionals and offers a safe space to unload stress leading to stronger individuals and institutions.

“While the COVID-19 vaccine brings great promise for the beginning of the end of the physical disease, the emotional side of the pandemic will likely continue for years, requiring significant mental health services for our medical heroes,” said Yotam Dagan, MA, MPA, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Dugri, Inc. “There is a surge of very sick individuals who are being continuously cared for by physically and psychologically exhausted medical teams. We are moving to fill a void where traditional ways of thinking, intervention, treatment, and crisis consulting are overwhelmed, unaffordable and unsustainable.”

Dugri brings together extensive global expertise in science, medicine, psychological trauma, disaster response and technology, to deliver a “peer to peer” resiliency model for individuals and organizations. Dugri is a safe and facilitated peer support network for healthcare workers. Dugri cares for caretakers by reducing stress and burnout and increasing energy and emotional well-being.

The protocol used has been developed and refined over two decades of use by the Israeli Navy SEALS; the app uses a tailored protocol and network made by and for healthcare workers and first responders and can be used anytime, anywhere. For example, a healthcare worker can make a video call via the Dugri app anytime they feel the need to speak to a peer who can relate to and validate the stressful or emotional situation they are currently experiencing. They will be paired and guided through a mutual sharing and compassionate listening process where, over continued sessions, both participants will be able to help their partner discharge stress and recharge emotionally.

At Maimonides Medical Center in New York City, the Dugri App is currently being piloted as part of the hospital’s ongoing efforts to provide emotional support to staff who may be experiencing significant challenges. The tool has been put into practice by approximately 30 residents in Maimonides’ Anesthesiology Department under the leadership of Steven N. Konstadt, MD, Chair. “As a teaching institution, we continue to strive to provide appropriate resources to staff to enhance their skills and well-being,” said Dr. Konstadt. “By testing the Dugri App, we want to proactively address the need for various tools to help our staff cope with stressful feelings that they may encounter in any situation.”

Dr. James N. Pruden, Emergency Physician Leader, with extensive experience in Emergency Medical Services, as well as disaster medicine and, who has experienced COVID-19 on both sides of the endotracheal (breathing) tube, commented: “The Dugri team has developed a way to use resilience building, and time-tested tools, with a just-in-time training module that allows healthcare workers to provide empathetic peer-to-peer support. This is an opportunity to preserve the workforce for what they deal with today, and every day, and prepare them for what may come.”

The Dugri app is currently available at the Apple and Google Play stores for workers at participating hospitals and first responder organizations. Administrators who are interested in learning more about Dugri can contact inquiries@dugri.us. Please visit www.dugri.us for more information.

About Dugri

Dugri™ was Incorporated in April 2020. The protocol and systems have been developed over the last 20 years with experience with more than 100,000 people globally. This includes being deployed by FEMA and its Urban Area Security Initiative. The company was co-founded by four individuals with diverse experience including real-world individual and community resiliency training and PTSD prevention during and after major catastrophe, medicine and science dealing with high-mortality and -morbidity disease, compassion and empathy, and scale-up and hyper-scale up of matching algorithm engineering systems. Through decades of field work with elite Special Forces, medical teams, first responders, elite athletes, and civilians all over the world, we have decoded the path to discharge stress, enhance wellness, and improve resilience and mission excellence.

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