Beat burnout and enhance performance 

with Dugri

A safe and anonymous peer support network

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Relief through connection

The Dugri app connects your employees with peers from across the country, offering a moderated, confidential space for cathartic “real talk”. 

Conversations are guided by a proprietary protocol in use for 20+ years, which has shown measurable impact on key resilience metrics.

The Dugri Impact

By connecting with peers in authentic conversation, Dugri users are able to safely unload their stress and feel better- even after a single 1-on-1 session.


Felt more supported


Reported a positive effect after a Dugri 1:1 use session


Reported decreased levels of stress


Satisfied by the privacy & anonymity

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What Dugri Users are saying

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Enhance Mission Excellence

Dugri helps organizations create a culture of care, which leads to higher job satisfaction and better outcomes.

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How it Helps

By offering a moderated, safe space for cathartic “real talk”, Dugri: 

  • Lowers stress and increases job satisfaction
  • Reduces stress-driven mistakes
  • Decreases stigma around accessing other mental health supports